Your Credit

I am amazed to see how little time and effort is put towards establishing and maintaining one’s credit profile.

Being in this industry made me realize that the majority of people don’t know how important it is to create and improve their credit.

Most people don’t know what their credit report includes, who has access and how it influences their life.

Did you know that your insurance providermay look at your credit report?

Did you know that if you get arrested for DUI, it may appear in your credit report? Can you see how these two relate to one another ... the insurance could see the DUI ... this may cost you more money for this insurance.

Did you know that late payments and payments sent to collection agency are shown? Guess what happens when a financial institution sees that you have a few late payments and one account sent to collection ... Because of this type of profile you should expect the bank to offer you a loan at a higher interest rate due to the fact that you may be a higher risk.

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