Self Employed

Hard at work, busy, busy but you really want, and deserve, a house and maybe some real estate investments to boost your income and retirement savings!

Nothing is easy for the self-employed person but they are the type of people that won’t let challenges stops them. Way to GO!

If you are thinking of purchasing a house for your family or investments properties, you have to think ahead. That’s right, at least 2 ½ years ahead of that purchase if you want to be successful.

The trick and smart thing to do is to mention to your accountant your goal of purchasing a house in 2 years. Let the accountant know that he has to minimize the amount of deductions on your income tax for that two year period. This action will increase your income in your tax return and notice of assessments. The reason why you want to do this is to show the highest Net Income as the lenders will be using these amounts to qualify you as a borrower.

On the third year once you have received your second year notice of assessment then you are ready to speak to me so we can qualify you and get you a pre-approval from our lenders.

When you are at that level and ready to initiate the process, fill in the mortgage application and email it to me. I will contact you once I receive it and we can have the discussion on how we can make your dream happen.