Congratulations and Welcome to Canada!

We are happy to have you here.

So you may have just landed here or you have been here for a little while, either way I can be of help. Each person has a different situation than others so it is important that we look at your situation to provide the very best advice.Therefore I suggest that you contact me for a discussion.

Meanwhile here are some tips to start with:

The first thing we need to do is establish a North American/Canadian credit profile in your name. To do that you will need to find work, a job in Canada. There are many head hunters and placements agencies that can be of assistance to you.

Once you have a job for a few months, we will need to apply for some kind of credit; you will need at least two types of credits. To find out how to build and maintain your credit score I recommended that you attend our webinar on the subject;click here to see the schedule and register … the webinar is FREE.

Then let’s make sure that your papers are in order – have you applied to become a Canadian Citizen?

That would be the third steps, apply to become a Canadian Citizen.

Once you have these three things done and you have at least $6,000.00 on hand/cash, I can work with you to acquire your very first home in Canada.

When you are at that level and ready to initiate the process, fill in the mortgageapplication and email it to me. I will contact you once I receive it and we can have the discussion on how we can make your dream happen.