Getting Started

There are many strategies to get into real estate investments.

If you need a little bit of money to start your real estate investment, you may want to wholesale or assign properties. This will build your cash to fund your next move. From Rent to Own or Lease to Own to getting a small family plex property is the way most new investor start building their investment portfolio.

Eventually you will meet the right people and start doing joint ventures with some of them. This will pro-pulse your buying power and enable you to move into medium to large rental investments or even jump to commercial investments.

Becoming a landlord and a banker ... yes it's possible you can become the bank, the lender who lends their funds to others for the purpose of acquiring real estate properties. If you have RRSP's you may have the ability to lend them and make 8% or more. Isn't that better than what your RRSP's are earning now?

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