First Time Buyer - First Steps

What an exciting time!

During this exciting time you will need guidance from ‘start to furnish’ yes I did write furnish not finish.

It can be an unnerving time and you may have a tendency to ask questions to unqualified individuals which may lead you astray.

Your best bet is to find an expert in the field, someone you can trust and who has your very best interest at heart.

Working with a mortgage agent is a start, click here to find out the reasons why a mortgage agent is better.

Now, why should you be working with me ...I specialize in working with first time buyers; I will help you to position yourself to secure the right mortgage, I provide free educational webinars to enhance your knowledge, I will also guide and offer recommendations to you to make the best decisions.

Once you send me your mortgage application, I take the time to analyze your whole profile and credit report and will bring back to you a full report which will be informative and useful. With this report you will know exactly what to do next, and I will list the different first time home buyer incentives that you will be able to take advantage of, offering you peace of mind and an action plan.

When you qualify, I will be at your side throughout the whole process to ensure everything goes according to plan, from your pre-approval to post closing. Also, I am very well connected with people who will have YOUR best interest at heart; real estate agents, inspectors, insurance agent, decorators, movers, lawyers, financial planners. So you don’t have to worry about interviewing all kinds of people to find your supportive team, it’s already done for you.

Last but not least, by placing your mortgage with me, you will earn a ballot into Mortgage Alliance Grand Prize of $100,000.00 to pay off your mortgage. Here is the link: http://mortgagealliance.com/minimize-your-mortgage-sweepstakes/

If you do not qualify today, I will provide you with options like Rent to Own program, setting up a plan to rectify your credit, and show you how to produce and maintain a budget to achieve your goals.

I am your expert, your connections and you get the opportunity to win a substantial amount of money.

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