First Time Buyer - How to become an Investor

As a first time buyer, you may not even think of becoming a real estate investor but would love to get in the game.

Well, it can be done and there are different ways to achieve that result. The strategy and length of time of being able to be an investor will depend on your personal financial situation, your plans and goals.

The person who is goal oriented, organized and motivated by results will achieve their goals at an expedited speed.

For example I know a couple, who are in their 30’s, no kids, some savings and little debts who decided to start investing in real estate a few years ago. They took some courses and selected a great mentor, and chose our office to facilitate and secure financing for their investments.

The results: in 2013 they purchased 67 properties in Canada. Some properties they kept and others they renovated and resold. They were awarded with the 2013 Rookies of the year in real estate investment in Canada.

Koodos to Emmett and Elizabeth!

With a game plan and determination it can be achieve. If you are ready to establish this plan, fill in the mortgage application.

Once I receive it I will contact you to get this plan going, we can do it together.

It will be very rewarding to you and your family, don’t wait you can start today.