Investor Cash flow Evenings


Networking is the only way to become successful in real estate just like in life. During such an event, you will get to meet new people, have dinner and get to know them better.

This is just the beginning because after the dinner you will get to learn more about real estate with the amazing CASHFLOW Game. Enjoy playing the game with those you just met or other investor, whether you are just getting started or have experience in real estate, come and share with all to become even better.

Understand better investment that may come your way, calculate the numbers and decide by yourself or with others if such an investment is worth pursuing further. Learn strategies that maybe you never thought possible and/or never knew even existed!

At the end of such an evening of fun, you will have a better understanding of real estate and also you may even make friends to that will turn into long lasting business relationship!


There are events like these in many cities in Canada and throughout the year. Find more details at the   Investor CASHFLOW Club website   and register for the closest by clicking on   the title of the event   .