Introduction – Buying A Rental House

You feel that you are ready to plunge into real estate investment. Well, purchasing a single family property for a rental is a good start. For the most part, 3 bedroom, 2 bath properties are quite easy to resell. And if you stay in the urban areas to purchase your rental, your risks will be minimized as it will be easier to sell if you decide that being a landlord is not something you want to continue to do.

The first thing to do is to contact me. Having me review your current Personal Net Worth will provide you with options and strategies to finance your purchase. We will also put together a real estate acquisition plan so that you can maximize your assets and equity.

Finding out your goal(s) and what you have access to, will help me get you the results that you are looking for faster.

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Once the analysis is done and the plan finalized, you will be in a position to comfortably place offers on properties and start negotiating the purchase and looking for renters.

I have webinars that will assist you to learn about pre-screening tenants, reading their credit report and more, click here to register.

We can build your real estate investment acquisition plan to help you replace your current salary and/or retire with regular passive income that will keep on coming until you decide to sell.

Another thing that will be key to your success is to have access to professionals that specialized into their field and real estate investments. Not all accountants are equal, not all lawyers do real estate transactions, etc. I work with hundreds of real estate investorsacross the country, therefore I have access to many professionals that havebeen ‘tried and tested’ which means that I can assist you with building yourPower Team.

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